Banks Makes Another Believer 

Garren Medley had a lot of questions about the Banks products that he was interested in for his 2017 F-250 Power Stroke. He he found that we had a lot of answers. “I had so many questions before buying anything, and their sales rep Jeff answered all of them patiently,” explains Garren. “No matter how long it took, he hung in there and responded with everything that I needed to know. I ended up buying the PedalMonsterDerringer tuner, and two iDash SuperGauges mounted in one of the dual Stealth Pods.”

“One of the things I like best is keeping an eye on the DPF. I have one gauge showing exhaust pressures with regen percentage, and the other one shows the PedalMonster with oil, trans, and coolant temps. I love that I can change levels on the PedalMonster and Derringer on-the-fly with the iDash. I had a Bully Dog tuner, and I would have to go through turning off the truck and reflashing the ECU for about 10 or 15 minutes if I wanted to change power levels. Now, with a touch of a button, I can switch from power level 6 to 3 while I’m towing! And the same goes for the PedalMonster. I usually have it in CITY level 10, but sometimes I run it at SPORT level 5. All I have to do is crank it up or lower it from my iDash. It’s so easy! And there’s no problems with the Banks stuff, whereas the Bully Dog set off all kinds of codes and check engine lights.”

“There was a guy online bad-mouthing the PedalMonster, and I tore him a new one. These idiots go to their keyboards and complain without knowing a darn thing. The PedalMonster and Derringer do everything they say and then some! And I’m looking forward to adding more Banks parts to my truck. I’m going through flight school, but once I’m out, I’m going to add the Monster Exhaust and Ram-Air Intake.”