Removing a “Hot Air” Intake

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Rainman Ray is a mechanic with a conscious, which is why he feels badly about a product that he recently installed on a customer’s 2010 Tahoe 5.3L. “I have done this customer a grave disservice, he explains in his latest video.” The part in question is a quasi-performance intake system with an exposed air filter, something we affectionately call a filter on a stick. “I’m not particularly fond of these things because they tend to suck in the hot air from the engine compartment, and that hot air is less dense than ambient air. I charged him money to put this on, and I feel horrible about it.” After calling us and confessing what he had done, we set out to help him right his wrongs with the installation of a Banks Ram-Air Intake System.

Ray compared the two systems to each other before installing, and was just as impressed with the ease of how everything fit. “It’s almost as if Gale and his team have engineered this with the utmost perfection in mind because the stuff fits flawlessly and I love it!” After buttoning it all up and taking it for a test drive Ray was pretty giddy at the results. “It sounds great! It’s nice and peppy, and we don’t even have the PedalMonster installed yet! I think he might want an iDash as well. I can’t wait to give this back to my guy!”