Modifying Addict

Brett Sowers is one of those guys that just can’t leave something stock, and that makes him one of ‘our people.’

“I have a gas truck that I went, well, a little overboard—modding with a blower,” said Brett “I bought the 2010 GMC Sierra 2500 6.6L diesel because we have a travel trailer because we camp a lot. I told my wife that I’d just leave it alone, keep it nice and quiet. Something a little more docile to drive around. Then I told her that I wanted a 4” lift, and that turned into a 9” with all the specialized shocks on it. Next came wheels and tires. And then came the performance stuff.”

He goes on: “It was completely stock when I bought it. All my buddies kept telling me to delete it, but living in California it just doesn’t make sense to do. To not have to have the headache of having to switch everything back to stock when it came time to smog the truck, and not lose out on having more power, was really the way to go. So, I set off on looking at the forums to find some answers.

“I had originally bought an EDGE screen, but it was just too big. I did some more research and when I came across the iDash. I thought it was the best thing ever because of its smaller size. Then, to find that it connected to a California-legal tuner and that everything else Banks had was legal—I had to go shopping.” And that’s when it happened, Brett was stung by the performance bug and its venom spread quickly. “I ordered the Ram-Air intake, the Super Scoop, the Monster Exhaust, the Six-Gun Tuner with iDash, and lastly the PedalMonster throttle booster. I have pretty much everything but the intercooler, which I intend to add soon. I’ve put a lot into it… considering that I’ve only had it for 7 months.”