Harold Increases Air Density in RAM 6.7L

Harold is satisfied with the results of his newly added Banks performance parts. He added them on his 4th gen RAM. “This is the only way to go if you are looking at an intake system for your RAM. Very well made, high quality, attention to detail, perfect fit. Bolts right in with no tweaks or installer mods needed to make it fit.”

Harold boosts air density with a Monster-Ram

“Do yourself a favor and put in a complete Banks intake system,” suggests Harold. Install the Ram-AirIntercooler Upgrade, and Monster-Ram intake all at the same time because it is a tight fit. Getting the huge boost tubes in place, and makes the installation easier to do it all at once.”

Harold adds an intercooler to his RAM

“Besides, you don’t want to make this investment and leave an asthmatic choke point if you’re trying to get the benefits of letting the engine breathe better. I don’t have any before/after data, but the ‘feel it in your seat’ improvement over stock is profound and as a plus, I got rid of the dreaded engine killer grid heater bolt!!”

We’re glad Harold is so happy with the performance of his RAM with the Banks parts added. He’s not the only RAM owner who chose to add a ton of new Banks parts to an older RAM.