Ultimate Stocking Stuffer: PedalMonster

Santa knows acceleration. Thta’s why he chooses the PedalMonster for the ultimate stocking stuffer. After all, he has a sleigh powered by magical reindeer who help him circumnavigate the globe in a single night. Imagine St. Nick’s disappointment when he gets back in his daily driver! He steps on the throttle and wishes that he had a team of snarling Rudolph under the hood. That’s why Santa recommends the Banks PedalMonster.

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PedalMonster allows you to tune the pedal so your engine responds the way you want it to, from Nice to Naughty. No other modification will bring you holiday joy faster than PedalMonster. It’s the ultimate stocking stuffer and the best throttle controller. And, it’s the only throttle controller with patented safety features like ActiveSafety and ReverseSafety! When you put it in reverse, it seamlessly returns to stock response so you don’t go flying backward. Grandma won’t get run over by you or a reindeer this year.

PedalMonster is the ultimate stocking stuffer

PedalMonster is controlled by your phone or iDash, takes only a few minutes to install, and leaves no trace after removal. With its small size and its availability for hundreds of cars and trucks, it’s no wonder that it makes the ultimate stocking stuffer!