2018 RAM owner adds every Banks part

You might remember seeing Alan at Precision Transmission in Texas a few weeks back. There he filmed his 2018 RAM getting a diff service. Both he and the technician were amazed at how well-preserved the oil was with the Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover installed. Banks offers a wide range of parts for RAMs, so Alan installed everything Banks makes for his 3500 High Output.

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The upgrades include a Monster Ram, boost tubes, intercooler, Monster Exhaust, and Ram-Air Intake. His main reason for the Banks products was to get better mileage while keeping his emissions systems intact. Furthermore, during a trip through California, Alan stopped by Banks to have a PedalMonster throttle booster installed.

2018 RAM gets a long list of Banks upgrades which in turn add power and fuel efficiency!

Now the 2018 RAM is peppier with much more fuel economy which helps keep costs to his customers down too. Additionally, he also recently installed a RAM Differential Cover. The Banks fan appreciated that everything he needed for the installation was in the box. He didn’t have to run out to the store for a single thing. When asked what makes Banks better, he said, “they think beyond what the installer needs to make the installation go smoothly.” Check out his reaction to his newfound throttle response.