Freeing Up Exhaust Adds Mileage

Brian Corban’s 2020 Duramax Silverado 1-ton long bed (with only 30,000 miles) is his first diesel. “We primarily use it for towing. We have a 34’ bumper pull camper that we take to Colorado in the summertime. I had a 2005 gas-powered truck, but it really just didn’t have the power. This truck is just so much larger and more powerful than the last one. The mileage on the gasser was so bad compared to this one.”

Speaking of mileage, Brian says that just adding the 5″ Monster Exhaust has given him a bump up in mileage. “I’m getting 1 to 2 additional miles per gallon so far, and that’s without any of the droning normally associated with performance exhausts. It’s super quiet! I also like that the exhaust tip is kicked out to the side. I haven’t had the problems other people have with scorching my trailer when the truck goes into regen. Before, I couldn’t run with a Roadmaster Roadwing, but now I don’t have to worry about melting one if I install one. And here’s the thing about the Monster Exhaust, I installed it myself at home. I was nervous, but I watched the install videos on the site and didn’t have any problem.”

The Monster Exhaust is actually the first upgrade that he’s done to his truck, but Brian told us his wish list… but in private. “I have to walk away from my wife,” he told us, “but I have to tell you that I have been looking at the iDash SuperGauge, the Boost Tube upgrade and that new MAP Sensor Spacer Kit. This is probably going to be my last truck, so I’d like to do things right.”