2006 Dodge RAM gets a Banks Ram-Air Intake

Kyle K. was already enjoying other Banks products on his 2006 Dodge RAM before getting his Ram-Air Intake. He thought it would be a good replacement for his stock intake, but didn’t imagine that it would make much of a difference in performance. The results REALLY surprised him.

A CAD drawing of the Banks Ram-Air intake that went into the 2006 Dodge RAM

“I have the Banks Six-Gun TunerMonster-Ram air intake hornIntercooler, and Monster Exhaust. I would get a small puff of smoke with the tuner set to level 4 and my foot in it. Banks engineers their tuners, so it’s useable power, you can definitely feel it in levels 4, 5, and 6. I took the RAM for a test drive after installing the Ram-Air intake and letting it warm up, I did a typical acceleration roll-on with the Six-Gun set to level 4. No black smoke, the turbo is louder, the exhaust gas temperature appears lower, and the boost gauge looks like it shows a faster turbo spool-up. Of course, I put it on level 6 and then looked for a stretch of open road. I mashed the throttle a few times. No smoke! The truck just took off. The added air density from the intake cleaned up the exhaust and helped with acceleration! I heartily recommend the intake, especially with the entire Banks package.”