2023 Tacoma with $20K Lift Gets PedalMonster

74weld’s 2023 Tacoma features its new portal axles. The beautifully engineered portals allow the truck to clear a 5-gallon Home Depot paint bucket while retaining stock suspension. (Tacoma owners need to see it to believe it). But even re-geared, the Tacoma still suffers from pedal lag that plagues Toyota trucks. We solved 74 Weld’s throttle lag issue with a PedalMonster.

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PedalMonster is the only OBD-connected throttle controller. The compact patented module is the smartest and safest device of its kind. It gives you the ability to custom-tailor your Toyota’s response. Patented features like ActiveSafety health monitoring circuitry, Reverse Safety, and Adjustable Low-Speed Trim set it apart from all other throttle boosters. If your 2023 Tacoma or any Toyota suffers from sluggish throttle response, this is the cure. Additionally, it’s warranty-friendly. Conversely, after removal, it’s undetectable.

2023 Tacoma got the following with PedalMonster

  • Kills dead pedal
  • Gives you ultimate control over throttle sensitivity
  • Improves engine response time
  • Compatible with 100+ cars and trucks
  • 30 unique throttle maps
  • City, Sport, Track modes with 10 unique levels each
  • Reverse Safety returns pedal to stock in reverse gear
  • Adjustable Low-Speed Trim prevents wheel spin at slow speeds, great for towing, sand, snow, or ice.
  • Warranty-friendly: No footprint left behind after removal