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Banks SpeedBrake Uses VGT Technology for Improved Stopping Power (on an LMM-powered Chevy 2500HD). Thanks to the diesel aftermarket, many aspects of our trucks can be improved

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Two SpeedBrake reviews

The Banks SpeedBrake is reviewed in Diesel World and in Trailer Life. (on a 2008 Chevy 2500HD then a 2006 Chevy Silverado).         click

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Stopping Power

How to install the new Banks SpeedBrake (on an ’08 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD). DIESEL TRUCKS TYPICALLY ARE USED FOR TOWING AND HAULING HEAVY LOADS, AND WHILE

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Tow Rig Stopping Power

The Banks Brake with CBC-Smartlock makes the job easy (for the ‘04-07 Dodge Ram). We’ve been toying with this particular Dodge Ram 2500 for about a year,

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Banks SpeedBrake

New Electronic Device For GM’s Duramax Uses The Turbocharger To Slow the Vehicle In recent years the diesel engines used in pickups have changed significantly, becoming cleaner,

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What makes a good exhaust brake?

(From the Archives – Circa November 2004)

As the owner of a diesel engine-powered pickup, such as the Duramax, you already know that there is precious little braking effect when you back off the throttle. Even driving in Tow/Haul mode on automatic transmission-equipped vehicles does not significantly increase engine braking. Driving with the vehicle heavily loaded, or while pulling a trailer, down a long grade can seriously test your vehicle’s braking system as you continually apply the brakes to keep downhill speed in check.

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