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Brake Down

An Exhaust Brake Primer and Products Those new to diesel engines quickly learn that the absence of an intake throttle plate and different valve timing relative to

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Power Parts

A Hard Look at 7.3L Diesel Performance with Banks Engineering There are relatively few absolutes in life — death and taxes being the obvious front-runners; the others

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Tow Truck Toys

Duramax Upgrades for Power and Braking  The Banks Stinger Kit improves engine breathing with a complete 4-inch mandrel-bent stainless steel exhaust, a free-flowing drop=in air filter, and

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Banking on Horsepower

Power Products for the Duramax Diesel that Work It’s rare to find a collection of bolt-on parts that actually work in harmony and build additional horsepower and

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Gale Banks Engineering

Winning Systems for Trucks, SUVs & Motor Homes Although Gale Banks Engineering is one of many companies making performance exhaust systems, it takes a “systems approach” to

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CBC News

A lot of our products tend to sound like TV stations.


It’s called an acronym. In this case it stands for Computerized Brake Controller. And it’s a patent-pending Banks exclusive that is now an integral part of our Banks Brakes. Other diesel exhaust brakes are controlled by a micro-switch, which is a simple on-off device just like a light switch at home.

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Banks Exhaust Brake

Bringing Your Diesel-Powered Hauler Down to a Manageable Speed with the Help of Banks Engineering We’ve all seen those runaway truck ramps that the department of transportation

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Truckin’ & Trailerin’

Test of Banks Brake & Banks SmartLock trans brake for Ford Power Stroke turbo-diesel trucks. Reader and horseman Hal Denton of Sonora, Calif., tested the Banks Brake

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