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Banks Tuned Since 2006

Steven Garcia has had Banks on his truck from the time it was new. He started with the Big Hoss Bundle, which had just about everything we offered.

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Banks Factory Installation on 2007 Duramax

Installation Experience at the Factory

Banks customer Byron Castro took his 2007 LMM-powered Duramax to Banks to have a bevy of products installed: the Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover, Boost Tube Upgrade, Intercooler, Ram-Air Intake, Monster Exhaust, SpeedBrake with

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Banks Brake on ’03 Chevrolet Silverado

When Kevin Reardon was asked if the Banks Brake he purchased for his ’03 Duramax-powered Silverado (that tows his 37’ 12,000 lb trailer) worked well his response was, “If it didn’t work I wouldn’t be talking to you now!

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Air Mods On the Move

Today is a happy day for some folks. We’re shipping out a few pallet loads of air improvements. If you’re waiting for your intake and/or exhaust kit, it

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Ford 7.3L Resurrection

After getting the remanufactured 7.3L short-block and heads back from L&R Automotive, John Ferguson and his team at Domestic Diesel in Chino, California, began reassembling the engine and getting the project shop truck up and running.

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