Why Everyone Needs A PedalMonster

Harris Lineberger has a Derringer on both his 2020 and 2021 GMC 3500 trucks, but with all that extra power there was something still missing. “I drive in the city a lot, and the trucks just take so long to get up to the traffic’s speed sometimes. There are times that I’ve been towing heavy machinery and I felt that the truck never kicked in and took advantage of the tuner’s power. I saw the PedalMonster and thought that I needed to give it a try. Let me tell you… that’s the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life. Now my truck feels like a Ferrari! I don’t know what Banks did, but the PedalMonster is worth every dime spent! Everyone should have one, especially if they are towing.”

“I don’t think anyone really realizes until they get one the amount of dead-pedal on these vehicles. Once I pulled out of my driveway I felt the difference immediately! You can easily get into a wreck because the stock truck doesn’t respond like you’d think it would. This gives the truck the pep it should have had in the first place.”

Harris is so impressed by the PedalMonster that he’s a Banks advocate. “I’ve already called three people will the same truck and told them that they need this product. Not a should have, but NEED!”