More Super Duty Powa!

Jim from the YouTube channel Truck180 and his fellow truck enthusiast Dougie installed a Derringer tuner and iDash DataMonster in a 2019 Ford Super Duty. Jim breaks it down for the viewer before installing, “The Derringer isn’t a tuner, it’s kind of like a manipulator. It intercepts the information from the OBD-II port and tweaks it based on how you’re driving. It doesn’t show up on your computer. It doesn’t flash your computer. It doesn’t void your warranty. It leaves no footprint. There’s no splicing of the wires.”

After Dougie does a short install tutorial, Jim sets up his iDash. “There are so many things that you can do with the iDash. So many different gauges! This is an excellent tool!” After that, Jim and Dougie set out on the road for a first drive, and Jim’s reaction to the added power says it all. “Holy crap! This big boy got up to speed fast!”

Power is always on tap with the Derringer, but with that power comes something else…and it’s something that Jim ends the video with. “If something were to happen to this module it shuts itself off down into an open-loop that you don’t go into limp home. It won’t leave you stranded. I’m impressed!”

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