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Banks Improves a 472 hp Lexus IS500

Unleash the true potential of your Lexus IS500 with the Banks PedalMonster throttle controller. Does your Lexus feel sluggish despite having impressive horsepower? Don’t settle for muted acceleration! The PedalMonster eliminates throttle delay for a more exhilarating driving experience. Jim, a former Porsche owner, found the PedalMonster to be the perfect solution for his Lexus IS500, raving about its smooth power delivery and ease of installation. Upgrade your Lexus’s performance today!

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2021 GMC X31 3.0L gets a PedalMonster and iDash

2021 GMC X31 3.0L Slow Poke No More

Unleash Hidden Power: Upgrade Your Truck’s Throttle Response

Does your truck feel sluggish or unresponsive? You’re not alone. Many vehicles, including the 2021 GMC X31 3.0L, come with a built-in throttle delay that can sap enjoyment and performance. Banks PedalMonster Throttle Controller tackles this problem head-on, giving you quicker, more responsive acceleration. Improve your truck’s driving experience and feel the difference today!

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A 2023 Tacoma gets a Banks PedalMonster.

2023 Tacoma with $20K Lift Gets PedalMonster

Upgrade Your 2023 Tacoma’s Performance with PedalMonster

Looking to eliminate sluggish throttle response in your 2023 Tacoma, even after installing portal axles? PedalMonster’s OBD-connected throttle controller is the ultimate solution. Gain precise control over throttle sensitivity, kill dead pedal, and improve engine response for a truly customized driving experience. With City, Sport, and Track modes, PedalMonster offers unmatched performance for any situation. Plus, its warranty-friendly design ensures peace of mind. Unleash your Tacoma’s true potential with PedalMonster.

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