Test Pilot Keeps it Banks Through the Years

Ken Marks is one of the OG Banks Test Pilots, a term given to an individual who assists with feedback on yet-to-be-released products on their own vehicles giving valuable feedback for development. Much of what was developed and tested out for the 6.0L Power Stroke was done on his truck. When the Banks Six-Gun tunerIntercoolerMonster Exhaust, and Ram-Air intake were ready for their debut, it was his truck that was sent to TRUCKS TV for host Stacey David to smoke the tires. When it came time for Banks to enter the Jeep market, it was Ken who loaned his 1997 4.0L Jeep Wrangler for Monster ExhaustRam-Air intake, and Revolver Header development.

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After selling his beloved 6.0L, he decided to buy a 6.4L Power Stroke. Ken is determined to keep it until the wheels fall off. “I can’t stand all of these touch screens and what have you in these new trucks,” exclaimed Ken. “I’m a guy who still uses index cards, and I like my radio to still have buttons and knobs!” He’s had a few things to fix on this one here and there, but nothing dramatic on his bone-stock Ford. Ken’s truck is always saddled with a 2,600 lb. toolbox, and he moves shop equipment for a living, so his Power Stroke needs to last. “I decided to clean it up a bit, put on some different bumpers, and Banksify it. I’m not that younger guy anymore that feels the need for speed and blow away motorcycles and such, so I just want to fortify what I have.”

Ken went with the Ram-Air Intake, the Monster Exhaust System, and the Intercooler Upgrade to help improve the power, durability, and fuel economy. He also installed the Ram-Air Differential Cover to help keep the diff fluid cooler when the truck is working its hardest. I’m getting the best mileage that I’ve ever gotten, which is crazy after all this time. Even the response is better. Why didn’t I do this 150k miles ago?, Ken says with a laugh.”