Damage Check: Killing a Duramax Part 9

Gale and the team do a damage check on the L5P engine after its last run before installing a new set of high-flow 50% over injectors from S&S Diesel. In the last episode, Gale found out that the stock injectors were at their limit. Now, armed with the new injectors and the ability to accurately sense the conditions in the cylinder, Gale preps to take the engine to 800 horsepower on stock internals and buzz the engine up to 3,800 RPM! Watch the latest episode here.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Kistler pressure transducer
1:45 Borescope by Olympus
3:40 50-over Denso injectors
7:15 Engine structural integrity

A multitude of tools was used to give the most thorough damage check for the engine.

Kistler pressure transducer

The cylinder pressure transducer from Kistler is a cool setup.

Gale holds up the Kistler Pressure Transducer sensor used in the damage check.

Borescope by Olympus for a thorough check

A television camera in the nose of the Borescope is used to get into the tight spaces of the engine to get a closer look for damage.

50-over Denso injectors

A beautifully modified injector that allows for a bigger flow range.

Engine structural integrity

Gale was still skeptical of the structural integrity of the engine.

The last part of the health check involves an oil analysis. Watch episode eight now!