Fan Focus: Tyson Broome

Tyson Broome isn’t a Ford guy by nature (he grew up loving Toyotas), but rather one by necessity. He has three Power Strokes: an F-250, F-350, and an F-550 that he uses for his business. He’s also anxiously awaiting his 2020 Power Stroke F-350 that he’s ordered, which will take the place of his F-250.

Tyson caught our attention when he posted a video installation and review of his recently purchasedDerringer and iDash on his F-350 (you can see here.) He later moved the Banks duo to his F-550. Completely on his own (i.e. no Banks involvement or influence), he went about showing the entire install and road test, giving his honest opinion. Just a few days ago he made a video wherein he used the iDash to diagnose a troublesome faulty knock sensor. “That’s the first time that I actually used the iDash for diagnostics,” explains Tyson, “and it was great because it pinpointed the problem. It’s pretty wicked. I mean, obviously it’s great having the Derringer for the extra power, but it’s nice having the iDash to get all of the parameters in front of me. Being able to diagnose something with the iDash saved me from going to a dealer and paying $150 bucks just to get it scanned!”

When asked why he decided to make a video about the Derringer and iDash, Tyson responded: “The reason why I started my YouTube channel was to help people make purchasing decisions. When I bought this truck, I did a lot of research and when you look on YouTube there isn’t a whole lot of folks doing videos about using their truck for work. Those people looking for information won’t find it with a video on a lifted truck or a ‘mall-crawler’. I wanted to show people that they could purchase something that gives them actual power, is emissions-compliant, and is safe. From there I needed to tell folks about the safety systems that Banks has put in there, and talk about how if the Derringer were to sense that something was wrong that it’d take itself out of the system, essentially shutting down what it was giving but returning to stock if there were any problems. That information is important… especially coming from someone who uses his truck every day.”

And use it he does! On his channel, he chronicles drives in his F-550 as he uses it for work towing over 30,000 lbs. Tyson tows a variety of equipment ranging from a 30 ft. gooseneck trailer with an excavator to mobile cell sites, working on road maintenance and vegetation management for remote cell tower sites throughout the Atlantic Provinces. It isn’t all work and no play for Tyson and his Power Strokes. “Whenever I get a break I tow my Can-Am and quads out and hang out with friends.”

Thank you for your trust in Banks, Tyson. We’re glad we could add more power to your work and play! Check out Tyson’s YouTube channel for more videos from an honest guy who uses his trucks for work.