711 Horsepower: Killing a Duramax Part 8

In the current installment of the Killing A Duramax Gale cranks it up to 711 horsepower! Gale explains what the next step is to see how many gains can be made on the L5P Duramax.

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0:00 Intro
1:40 Manifold air density
4:00 711 horsepower on a stock L5P
7:00 Turbine inlet pressure
9:25 Turbo boost to back pressure
10:25 Fuel rail pressure
11:40 Injectors at the center of the cylinder
15:45 More injection pressure

Gale cranks it up to 711 horsepower!

As a result of seeing the stock turbo reach its design limitations in the last episode it was replaced with a Precision 7675 turbo. Now, along with some new fueling components from Holley, extra fuel, and a new calibration the engine can reach up to 711 horsepower! See how it all happens, and what’s next in this episode!

Gale gets in the dyno cell, starts at 600 horsepower, and counts all the way up to 711! Because he’s checking all the data from the four iDash digital monitors, Gale can see exactly what might destroy the Duramax. Grab a straw and earplugs because it’s Slurpee time!

You can check out Gale’s video of the unboxing of the Holley components. Watch episode seven and subscribe to our YouTube page.