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Banks Built episode 1 - Blank Canvas

What should we do to this 1966 Chevy?

We purchased a running 1966 Chevy C20 3/4 ton pickup for $1. Yes, one dollar! In this episode, we explore our truck before deciding what we’re going to do with it. Follow along as we give this decomposing truck a new life.

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New Build Series coming January 11th @ 4pm PST, 7pm EST

New Build Series

Starting January 11th, all-new Build Series every Monday at 4 pm Pacific (7 pm Eastern). You’ll have to tune in to find out more!

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Belgian Military Orders JLTVs

Oshkosh Defense, LLC, an Oshkosh Corp. company, announced that the Belgium Ministry of Defense has awarded Oshkosh Defense a contract for 322 Oshkosh Defense Command and Liaison

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Banks Built Lokjaw C20

Banks Built: Lokjaw C20

BANKS BUILT: Lokjaw C20 Widely regarded as an authority in diesel engine development and forced induction, Banks opens its race shop to viewers who will watch and

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2012 Banks Powers ICON-ic Truck

ICON Lead Designer and Chief Executive Jonathan Ward planned his next classic automotive design build around the anvil-strong Cummins 5.9L powertrain, heading straight to Gale Banks for

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2011 Banks Takes on Pike Peak

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is the second oldest motorsports race in America (only the Indy 500 is older), a long-standing tradition in Colorado Springs

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Killing a Duramax Part 14

Killing a Duramax: Part 14

The “Killing a Duramax” series makes its triumphant return with part 14! Gale’s been busy with the design of the new L5P cam as he tries the get the most

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