iDash Stealth Pods for Tacomas

Unless you’ve perused recently, you may not have noticed our new iDash Stealth Pods. We haven’t started promoting them yet because we want to make sure we have all the important truck fitments covered, from RAM to GM, Ford, Jeep, and Toyota. The new iDash Stealth Pods are factory-looking pods that mount your iDash to the A-pillar. Not only do they look good, but they also keep the iDash in your line of sight without hogging valuable windshield real estate. Shown above, Isaac 3-D scans a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma’s dash and A-pillar. He also scanned a 3rd Gen Tundra. The Mechanical Engineering team will then 3-D print a prototype and test it for fitment and ergonomics. Once approved, the Stealth Pod will go into production. Stay tuned for an official announcement about their official release.