OBS Powered by childhood dreams

For Mark Gonzales, the need to own a 1996 Ford F-250 7.3L Power Stoke was something that was burned into his mind from early childhood. “I’ve loved these trucks since I was a little kid. I’m 39 now, but growing up and seeing one in the parking lot with the Power Stroke sticker and the Banks Power badge directly under it was something that I always just had to have. I didn’t even know what Banks was then, but I always thought it was so cool looking. I looked a long time for a truck like this one, and when I found it I had it transported from literally the opposite side of the country. I use this truck for everything.”

“As great as those trucks are, they’re pretty gutless. They can go anywhere and they last forever, but there is a huge difference once you start doing some upgrades. This truck is also a dually that was converted to a 4×4 with massive tires. With Banks’ additional 120 horsepower, the truck has no problem doing everything that I want. The PowerPack had everything that I needed because it basically covers everything from the front of the truck to the tailgate.”