Banks Tuned Since 2006

Steven Garcia has had Banks on his truck from the time it was new. He started with the Big Hoss Bundle, which had just about everything we offered. Then came the Banks SpeedBrake, which made towing downhill grades safer. “I bought my LLY new in 2005, and I wanted to put on some miles before adding the Banks kit,” explained Steven. It was 2006 when I installed the Big Hoss Bundle. It was the whole shebang! The tuner, Monster ExhaustIntercooler, and everything else. I had a trailer that was about 10,000 pounds that I would take to the desert. When I decided that I wanted more power, I began reading up on what was available for the Duramax and came across Gale Banks. He was offering more power and better mileage, and given his history, I thought it was the best move. I added the Big Hoss bundle and later added the Ram-Air Intake. You could feel the difference immediately. And the mileage—well if I was a good boy, I’d get about 24 mpg. Pulling the trailer, I could pass everyone up the hills.”

“I recently replaced the previous Banks tuner with the Six-Gun, and updated to an iDash SuperGauge. I love having all that info and control over the truck’s power. I recently had some problems with my injectors and I had to have them serviced. The mechanics at the fuel injection shop fixed the injectors but they unhooked all the Banks equipment and just left it that way. That’s why I’m here today at the Banks Installation Department, I want them to hook it all up properly and check it all out. There’s nothing better than having that ability to come here to the factory and have the people who live and breathe Banks work on your truck.” 

Will Steven ever part with his truck? “I’ve sold my trailer so I don’t tow much of anything these days. I’m 76, and I have four vehicles including this truck. I’ve thought about getting rid of it, but every time I get in and turn it on it just purrs. I know there’s plenty of power is there on tap. From the moment I installed them, the Banks parts have been worth every penny!”