Owner Brings in RAM Just in Time

By now most Cummins owners know about the dangers revolving around the stock heater grid bolt and how it can cause a massive engine failure due to its design. Because of heat, vibration, and time, the nut and stud from the factory heater grid assembly can come loose and fall into the intake manifold. Once this happens, it will roll downhill into cylinder #6, causing catastrophic failure that requires a complete engine rebuild or replacement from bent valves, damaged pistons, and cylinder head. 

Yet another Ram owner came to Banks this week. This was a 2017 with just over 200,000 miles. The owner performed the jiggle test and that was all it took for him to call Banks and book an appointment to have the stock intake elbow and grid heater upgraded to a Banks Monster-Ram

A simple Jiggle test of the grid heater post can save your 6.7L engine. Take a look and see what we mean. The Monster-Ram is not only an investment in performance, it’s life insurance for your engine.