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Time Machine: Prelude to a C8

Just a few weeks ago General Motors made international news announcing that the new Corvette C8 would be their first production mid-engine Corvette ever. There have been

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Time Machine

955 hp Woods-Banks IMSA MonzaThe 1978 Woods-Banks Dekon Monza featured the first Banks automotive twin-turbocharged system. The Monza’s engine was based on one of the first five

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Episode #6: Turbocharging Jay Leno’s Tank Car

Three pumps, no waiting! On the wet side of the EFI system, Bosch provided us with their 200 liter-per-hour, 5-bar (72 psig) electric fuel pumps. With each pump putting out just under one gallon per minute, it’ll take three of them in parallel to feed this monster.

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