2021 GMC X31 3.0L Slow Poke No More

James Taylor was looking for a little more oomph from his truck and found that the PedalMonster was the answer. “I recently purchased the Pedal Monster for my 2021 GMC X31 3.0L. I originally had just two iDash gauges, with one set up so that I can keep a close eye on the turbocharger and the other is pretty much the vehicle’s temps. But I finally admitted that I needed something more because the 3.0L has terrible throttle delay. You could probably count to 3 or 4 before it decides to move! I was looking for something to clear that up, as well as kinda put push me back in my seat. The PedalMonster did that!”

Two iDash DataMonsters in the 2021 GMC X31 3.0L

“I must say I was completely amazed at the immediate difference I noticed in my truck. I have a woodworking business, and I pick up logs and various pieces of wood to take back to my shop. I do some trailering with heavier weights too. With all of that, it just makes the truck feels even more unresponsive. The PedalMonster makes the truck feel a thousand pounds lighter!”

The 2021 GMC X31 3.0L isn’t the only truck to get a boost from Banks. The PedalMonster and iDash are available for a wide array of vehicle makes and models.