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So did they win? When we last left our heroes…

It’s been a while (again), but here’s my latest entry. I’ve got about four more in the can, only it’s just that they’re only half done each. Since the last time I wrote I’ve been to pulled over, went to visit a guy we’re selling engines to, went on vacation, went to Indy for the big race, and met with GM a few times. Although those “adventures” are something to write about… I bet your wondering how we did with the truck this weekend?

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Dyno Tuning the S-10

Enthusiasts understand that a dynamometer measures an engine’s output by gauging its torque, taking measurements from the flywheel (in the case of an engine dynamometer) or a

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S-10 Project Overview

Gale Banks has several goals he wants to achieve with his latest Duramax turbodiesel project truck, the Sidewinder D-Max S-10. Most obviously there’s speed: Gale Banks Engineering

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What a Long, Strange Trip its Been

Throwing a bunch of guys together for a seven day, 1,700-mile tour is bound to have its ups and downs. This sign found in Joe’s Crab Shack in Kissimmee, Florida on the last day of Power Tour says it all. The merry bunch of Banks employees (and journalists) that traveled with us now share a common bond and many memories that will last a lifetime.

We did the ‘long haul’ with virtually no problems to speak of and the 2005 Hot rod Magazine Power Tour was a great success. It was an excellent way for Gale Banks Engineering to meet its customers and make new friends and champions for our current and future products.

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Air Travel Hell: Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour (Pre-Tour)

4:44 a.m.
Okay, the trip stared off badly when the shuttle van that was supposed to pick me up at 4:00 a.m. hadn’t arrived by 4:30. When I called, they told me, “oh, our driver just now told us he was experiencing vehicle trouble…” Great. What about my ride to the airport?

The shuttle company called a cab for me and my $45 trip to the airport wound up costing $68.30. The shuttle company is going to pay me the difference. Yea – there’s money I won’t be seeing again anytime soon. The only saving grace was Richard, my taxi driver, was also an Armenian philosopher. I got an Armenian history lesson on the drive to the airport. Interesting.

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