Discriminating Youth Chooses Ram-Air

Patricia Miller is a proud grandmother (affectionately known as Ninnie) of her mechanically inclined grandson Ernest. As any good grandparent would do, they set out to spoil the grandkids. So, when it came time for a gift for his 17th birthday, Patricia asked Ernest what he’d like, and his response was interesting. “When he told me he needed a Banks Ram-Air for his truck, I didn’t know what it was. But I trust him because when it comes to something he’s interested in, he researches the heck out of it. Before he commits, he has to know all about it. He went through all of the reviews and searched the web for competitors. He’s in a school automotive program. He’s going for his certification. His teacher there gave him reasons why Banks was the right choice, and his dad (a car guy himself) told him that the Ram-Air intake was the best available, especially if Ninnie was buying. When he opened his present, he couldn’t believe he got it. He was so happy that he got the best intake for his truck.”

Ernest’s truck is a 1999 Chey Silverado 5.3L 1500, and he’s buying it part by part and doing all the repairs it needs all on his own. Patricia is pretty proud of her grandson. “He’s choosey about all the parts he uses and is incredibly meticulous. I’ll give you an example: Toyota sponsors the automotive program at his school, and from time to they bring in vehicles that were damaged in transit for the students to repair. Ernest was picked to do bodywork on the driver’s side of a truck. He was responsible for all the work, from pulling the ding to sanding and repainting. When Toyota come back to get it they thought it was sent out to be fixed and were amazed that it was him, and him alone, that did all of the work. When they talked to him they told him that they couldn’t even tell that it was damaged, and his response was, ‘Isn’t that the whole point?’” Well, sounds like Ernest gets it, and has a bright future ahead of him. Moreso, we’re honored that the Banks Ram-Air is Ernest-approved!