Duramax MAP Sensor Spacers In Stock!

MAP Sensor Spacer Kits for your 2017-2024 Duramax just arrived from the anodizing shop and are ready to ship. Our first batch sold out just hours after their debut three weeks ago. Dirty MAP sensors are a pain point for thousands of Duramax owners.

Your engine’s EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and PCV (Positive Crank Case Ventilation) systems draw unburnt exhaust gasses and oil vapor into the combustion chambers to lower combustion temperature, reduce NOx, and keep harmful gasses from entering the atmosphere. This recirculated exhaust gas and sticky oil vapor adheres to the MAP sensor’s delicate electronics causing inaccurate readings. This results in incorrect fuel calculations reducing fuel economy and power output.

While cleaning or replacing the sensor is a relatively simple task, it’s yet another maintenance item added to your to-do list. That’s why the Banks MAP Sensor Spacer is so handy. It moves the MAP sensor out of the dirty air stream and allows it to continue to take accurate measurements.