Father and Son Feel the Difference

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Turbo lag is one thing, but a slow-responding accelerator doubles the pain and neuters the enjoyment of a vehicle. Travis at jt4x4offroading feels that pain with his turbocharged 2023 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss. After some research, he felt that out of all of the accelerator booster options, Banks’ PedalMonster was the clear choice. After the installation, Travis took his father for the inaugural run, skipping over the CITY option and going straight to SPORT level 3. “WOW, I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a difference, that’s a BIG difference! It reduces that throttle lag!” Before switching drivers, the duo try the truck on the TRACK level 3 setting and hold on tight, grinning like children on their first roller coaster ride. “Yeah, that’s a big difference!”

With every increase in sensitivity level, their smiles get wider and wider. “It’s like a little race car now!” says his father.

“The PedalMonster is compensating for the pedal lag, which is ideally what we wanted it for. I don’t want to smash my pedal to pass someone on the highway, or when I’m going up a sand dune. I don’t want to have to bury my foot in the pedal in order to get the power out of it. It’s not really getting rid of the turbo lag, but your throttle is there right when you want it. No sponge or delay. PedalMonster is a game changer.”