Monster-Ram for 2017-24 Duramax

Introducing the new Monster-Ram intake elbow for the 2017-2024 Duramax 6.6L. The expertly engineered cast aluminum elbow increases air mass flow to the compressor, resulting in slower turbo shaft speed and a reduction in time to boost. With slower shaft speeds, throttle response is improved, and turbo life is increased. The Monster-Ram is the only intake elbow that outflows stock without causing destructive compressor surge. Pictured above are the nearly 40 prototypes produced over the past 18 months. This was no easy engineering exercise.

No Compressor Surge!

Outflowing stock while preventing compressor surge was not easy. Others who claim to make horsepower by adding airflow do so at the expense of your turbo. There are nearly a dozen aftermarket intake elbows available for the Duramax L5P. They all fall into two groups: Those that outflow stock yet cause compressor surge and those that do not cause surge yet flow less than stock. How do we know? We tested them on the flow bench and on the dyno. Neither is desirable. 

Do No Harm!

What good is additional air mass if the elbow shortens the life of the turbo? For 65 years, Gale Banks has followed the Hippocratic Oath, which means “do no harm.” If we offer a performance part, the last thing it should do is harm the vehicle it’s installed in. This is exactly what many of the intake elbows do by inducing compressor surge, which damages the compressor wheel and prematurely wears the thrust bearing. In contrast, the Monster-Ram actually improves turbo life!

Better Throttle Response, Safely!

We are incredibly proud of our engineers who worked tirelessly on this project. They knocked it out of the park. We invite you to learn more about how the Monster-Ram improves throttle response and turbo life without compressor surge.