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Two SpeedBrake reviews

The Banks SpeedBrake is reviewed in Diesel World and in Trailer Life. (on a 2008 Chevy 2500HD then a 2006 Chevy Silverado).         click

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Banks Talks Tech

(From the Archives – 11.19.04)

Diesel — The Performance Choice

Some old ideas about performance are slow to die.

The very idea that diesel engines could replace exotic gasoline engines as the top performing powerplants in cars, light trucks, and SUVs seems ludicrous to many automotive enthusiasts. How could a slow, smelly diesel ever hope to compete against an overhead cam, high-revving, high-compression, sophisticated gasoline engine? And the concept of a diesel as a racing engine seems to be pure heresy! What, enthusiasts ask, has the world come to?

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Banks Talks Tech – Turbo Wastegate

(From the Archives – Circa December 2004)

How a Turbo Wastegate Works

The common turbocharger wastegate would seem like the height of simplicity, but high performance can add complications.

Let’s begin by describing what a turbo wastegate is. A wastegate is essentially a device that bypasses some exhaust flow around the turbine section of a turbocharger to control maximum boost. A wastegate is usually controlled by a pressure actuator that is connected to manifold pressure.

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(From the Archives – 01.25.02)

I have a confession to make (I know some of you are into confessional mode). Before I started this job, I didn’t know how to use a computer as anything other than a typewriter. My computer at home is connected only to itself. I write to disc. If I had to email something, I handed the disc to my wife and asked her to do it, please.

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Crazy Magazine Stunt

(From the Archives – 03.01.02)

As I said in my introduction, the Friday Night News won’t necessarily talk about what’s happening this week at Gale Banks Engineering. We might talk about what’s happening now, what’s in the future, or what happened in the past. Here’s one from a decade and a half ago.

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Forcing The Issue

Power Guru Gale Banks explains why superchargers are more prevalent than turbos among Mustang enthusiasts running a force induction system. Ever wonder why superchargers are much more

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Leno’s Turbo Tank

More of an art project that a real car … check out one the most famous vehicles in Jay’s collection … Ever see the Blastolene? Built by

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