What’s a V8 Tesla and LokJaw have in common?

Uncle Rich, the star of the popular Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel, stopped by the AMSOIL booth at the SEMA Show to inspect LokJaw. Then Rich shows Gale the V8 Tesla he built. Watch as Gale and Rich geek out over the new Banks R866SC supercharged Duramax crate engine.

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Then, Gale is given a surprise tour of Rich’s latest creation, an LS-powered V8 Tesla Model S. Now the Tesla can make some noise! Rich credits Gale with being a huge inspiration and the source of lots of knowledge. Apparently he’s watched every episode of the Killing a Duramax series. The overall theme of the Rich’s car pays homage to muscle cars.

Gale is thrilled to see the V8 Tesla

Rich has a wide range, but ultimately is a V8 enthusiast. The two hit it off big time. And, it sounds like Banks may be powering Rich’s next big project. Gale got incredibly excited when Rich said he’d like to something crazier than the V8 Tesla, but with diesel.

Rich already has a Duramax with a Banks Intercooler all ready installed, but wants to find a smaller diesel to shoehorn into a small car. Gale already has an answer for him. Stay tuned to see what tiny car gets a diesel!