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Boomerang Effect or Strange Bedfellows

I may have mentioned this in an earlier blog, and then again maybe I didn’t. Things have been pretty wild for me at GBE lately and I’ve had to increase my doses of Ginkgo Biloba. Ok… here it is: folks, we are finally getting back into the engine business. Back in the past we were pretty well known for our high performance marine and street machine engines, but like I said… that was in the past. Now I know we have our mighty twin turbo small-block, but we haven’t really been pushing that as well as we could/should. The rest of this stuff that’s coming will make real waves quite literally.

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Wheelspin! That’s the everlasting, first impression of diesel forever burned into my personal bio hard drive.

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Customer Q&A #2 (with Peter Treydte, Banks’ Director of Technical Communication)

My situation is that I don’t have a problem with my power output once the engine downshifts and the RPM’s go up, but I want more power low down (1750 RPM) so that the engine does not have to down shift as often (and use more fuel). (One thing that I have noticed is that it downshifts when the turbo boost reaches 20 psi., is there any way to raise that figure?) This is why I am looking for figures in that range, apples and apples you know, which I understand you are unable to provide. I guess the factory figures that show lower power curves must be done on an engine dyno, instead of a chassis dyno. Speaking of the figures with a manual transmission, at least that would provide a reference point. Right now I am in the “dark”, so to speak…

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Transfer of Power

Banks Billet Torque Converter Tough Enough for Big Diesel Power. As diesel power is increased through performance upgrades, it is often the torque converter that is not

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