Project Speed Bump

Truckin September 2015

It’s no secret that the highly popular ’67-’72 shortbed Chevy C10s are drying up, getting both more expensive and harder to find in good shape. The longbeds of the era are also becoming pretty pricey, even in marginal condition. So what’s the next big thing in classic trucks? If recent industry trends are an indication, the ’67-’72 Ford F-100s, also affectionately known as “Bumpsides,” are starting to come on strong, yet remain affordable in comparison to their Chevy counterparts. These underappreciated Fords are ruggedly constructed, feature a rear solid axle and independent I-Beam front suspension, benefit from solid aftermarket support, and are relatively easy to build. Bumpsides came from the factory with a variety of engine and transmission combinations, but thanks to a huge engine compartment, are candidates for all types of engine swaps. This body style also sports big wheelwells and look pretty good dropped with a proper wheel and tire package. Read more about it here

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