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Ford Performance Trucks Magazine January 2007

Banks Big Hoss Gets More Giddyup from a Ford F-250 Power Stroke

Mention diesel to most folks and what comes to mind is a big, slow, smelly rig, the vehicular equivalent under the hide of that Clydesdale is actually a racehorse stamping its feet, ready to stampede right out of the stable.

Just ask Gale Banks, who’s pulled more than a few ponies out of all sorts of diesel engines in pickups, motorhomes, and even land speed record breakers.

If you’re looking to spur some more horses from your diesel pickup, take a look at the Banks Big Hoss Bundle. This upgrade can raise the output as much as 50 percent or more on any major late-model diesel made in the U.S. Of course, seeing as this magazine is Ford Performance Trucks, we’re interested solely in the Blue Oval brand.

On the ’03-07 6.0L Power Stroke specifically (a separate package is available for the 7.3L), the Banks Big Hoss can pump up the output by as much as 138 hp and 231 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels. We have no doubt of that claim after driving several Fords outfitted with the Banks Big Hoss system. The sorts of goodies from Banks.

Actually, the Banks Six-Gun tuner can provide these gains by itself in certain applications (usually nontowing), all with the simple twist of a dial on the dash (or if you prefer computerized control and data readouts, tapping the display of a Banks iQ). This set up allows you to manipulate three basic engine parameters: fuel pressure, timing, and injector-pulse width.

However, for maximum results, the company recommends installing the Six-Gun as well as an array of intake and exhaust upgrades that are included in the Big Hoss Bundle. That’s because if you neglect airflow in a towing or heavy-load scenario, the EGT (exhaust gas temperature) can spike, limiting power gains and eventually shortening engine life.

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