Leno’s Turbo Tank

Hot Rod November 2006

More of an art project that a real car … check out one the most famous vehicles in Jay’s collection …

Ever see the Blastolene? Built by Randall Grubb as more of an art project that a real car, it was purchased a few years ago by Jay Leno and actually driven around his Burbank, California, studio and shop. It’s an enormous, hand-formed roadster built around an equally enormous V-12 diesel engine from a tank. It’s pretty cool, but Leno wanted it faster, so Gale Banks is sticking a pair of Garrett turbos on it to bump the power 50 percent, taking it to 1,200 hp. Banks also fabricated the intake runners and is handling the Bosch engine management system to make this car the ultimate street freak.  —Bob Kinnan

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