William Moore’s 2019 Chevrolet Silverado L5P Duramax

William Moore has been a Chevy guy for most of his life. In fact, William’s run with GM lasted from 1975 to 2007 before retiring from his brother’s dealership. Actually, you can go so far as to say that GM is kind of a family thing as his three brothers each owned a General Motors dealer. “We were all into Chevy’s,” said William, “that’s for sure! I’ve seen a lot of things happen with the company, including their first run with diesel in the early days. Let me tell you… customers were not happy! But with the Duramax everything changed. I’ve personally had one since 2005.”

William Moore's 2019 Chevrolet Silverado L5P Duramax Ram-Air

When it comes to his 2019 Duramax-powered Silverado William didn’t want to do too much to his daily driven baby. He came to Banks and just bought a Ram-Air Intake, but after noticing that his gauges were ‘a little less than satisfactory’ he looked into the iDash SuperGauge. “I thought it was pretty cool that you could view 8 things at the same time, monitor your air temperature inside the intake, the exhaust temp, oil temperature, turbo boost, regen… all the good stuff you want to know when making a trip.” And it’s that info that will indeed make him feel more confident when he’s towing… which he’ll be doing eventually when he gets a trailer. William would like to go more places in this truck, with thoughts of a cross-country trek or two swirling in his head.

No matter what William wants to do with his truck, be it daily driven or towing, he’s going to feel better being able to keep an eye on everything with his iDash SuperGauge.