Banks PedalMonster® Phone App

No, it’s not your imagination. Your vehicle, like so many, was programmed with what is known in the automotive industry as a “throttle enrichment delay.” That’s a pretty technical term for the dreaded automotive condition known as “sponge pedal.” Put your foot down on the gas pedal and it seems like your vehicle just sits there like it needs to be woken up. You bought something with power, but where is it when you need it… or you just want to feel the rush of adrenalin. The new Banks PedalMonter brings a cure to that condition and puts the control of your throttle’s sensitivity at your fingertips.

The Banks PedalMonster is the first throttle booster to be connected to your vehicle’s OBD-II connector for constant, dependable power. It also features Banks’ legendary ActiveSafety® to ensure that you always have throttle control no matter what, unlike competitive boosters that will render your gas pedal useless if power is interrupted or something inside fails.

Another stand-out feature of the PedalMonster is its connection and control when used with the iDash SuperGauge or DataMonster gauge, but if you don’t have one of the iDash gauges you can still have precision control over the PedalMonster through the Bluetooth app for your Apple or Android phones. The lightning-fast response between the application and the PedalMonster’s advanced electronics results in near-simultaneous user changes based on the user’s input and features the same interaction the user would get with the iDash SuperGauge and DataMonster.

The app graphically represents the three performance modes: Track, Sport, and City. Each mode has 10 levels of sensitivity that you can visualize onscreen, and you can switch between any level at any time and get instantaneous results. You’ll be able to view commanded throttle and boosted user-selected throttle in real-time at the same time with easy-to-read graphics. The app even works if you have an iDash, and the changes you make on the app can be seen on the gauge in real-time.