2020+ RAM EcoDiesel 3.0L Ram-Air intake R&D

Like its 6.7L big brother, the 3.0L EcoDiesel needs air and lots of it. However, the stock intake is bottlenecked at where the scoop meets the airbox housing. The stock inlet measures 9.07 square inches. Compare this to the Banks Ram-Air intake which boasts 15.7 square inches. Additionally, the stock intake tube is 3.2″ in diameter versus Banks’ massive 6″ tube. The Ram-Air system was designed using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) resulting in organic, smooth-flowing curves and unobstructed airflow. 

But what’s with all the red Play-Doh? What you’re seeing above is part of our development process when creating a new Ram-Air intake system, something that happens from the very start to final prototype test fitment. After digitizing both the system and the area in which it lives to get the size and available room to work with, the engineers will put spires of clay (no, not Play-Doh) in key positions on the top of the stock intake assembly, close the hood, and then measure the area squished. When making an upgrade that takes advantage of every millimeter available underhood, fitment is paramount.

After the design process, the creation of rapid-prototype parts, and flow bench testing produce the winning design, it’s test fitted underhood with the same clay methodology to check hood clearance. Once that has passed the test, the trigger is pulled on the design and it moves into production.

The forthcoming Ram-Air intake system for the 2020+ RAM EcoDiesel 3.0L is scheduled for release early next year. Power gains and flow data will be announced prior to the on-sale date.