Stick Shift Lover Finds What’s Been Missing

Randall Walter is an architect that spends a lot of his time out in the field working at construction sites overseeing large developments. Because he has to go off-road to get to these sites, the developer leased him a 2021 Chevy Silverado with the Duramax 3.0L diesel engine. Although he likes the truck and its interior, he has one main complaint: It doesn’t have his favorite type of transmission. “I’m not a big fan of automatics,” said Randall, “but that’s not the truck’s fault. My family and I only drive stick shifts, but I have to admit the drivetrain is pretty nice.”

“I bought the PedalMonster because there seemed to be a disconnect between my input and the accelerator. I’m very tech-comfortable so I entered the installation with an ‘I can do this on my own’, but the instructions were presented so simply that anyone could do it really. I’d have to say that the biggest thing that consumed my time with the installation was where to zip tie the module. The app for my phone is incredibly intuitive and a breeze to use. The acceleration is crisp now, and I can dial it in and feel a little more—connected. It’s not a manual, but at least now it acts a little more like one. It also inspires more confidence while towing as with the lag gone I can merge into traffic with ease.”

Randall brought up an excellent point regarding the PedalMonster and how it’s installation non-permanent, and that it can be removed easily if needed. “If for any reason I needed to remove it from the vehicle I could do it in a matter of minutes. There’s nothing intrusive or permanent with this device, and that’s convenient since it is a leased vehicle.”