Wicked Diesel

Josh Weeks started Wicked Diesel in a small, 2 bay shop in 2014 after working for a number of years at a Ford dealership. It took no time at all for Wicked to grow, requiring the move into its current 8-bay location.

I started out on this venture, leaving the dealership’s way of doing things because I firmly believe that customers are more than just walking dollar signs. At the dealership, we were told to get the customer for all we could and worry about their happiness later. You can’t do that to a person. I believe that if you lookout for a customer, the customer will look out for you. That’s why my crew and I need to do the job right for them, the first time. We can do the same repairs as a dealership, we offer a better warranty, and if there are better parts out there such as Banks, of course, we’re going to offer them!”

Everything about the dealership experience wasn’t all bad, because not only did it teach him a structured way of doing things, but it lead him to like-minded people who also knew there was a better way of doing business. A year after starting the business Josh was joined by a past fellow employee that he had trained. Josh then scooped up a talented parts manager, and even his wife uses her knowledge learned from an accounting job at a dealership to do Wicked’s books. 

Together, the Wicked team provides custom builds, accurate service, and integrity you can rely on.

Wicked Diesel
1051 Orange St.
Bedford, VA 24523
(540) 5870-3796