Right-hand drive Jeep Wranglers are a thing?

One of Ryan Mayer’s latest videos revolves around his SEMA-bound Jeep Wrangler JL project. Ryan starts the video with a giddy chuckle as he tells the viewer about his latest project build for SEMA: A Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L turbo that happens to be right-handed. “Not only is our lift kit here,” said Ryan, “but we’re going to start on modifications. It’s a right-hand drive just cause I’m weird. It’s green just cause I like green, and I’m weird.”

The modifications Ryan referred to are the Banks Ram-Air Intake and PedalMonster throttle booster. After a short install montage, Ryan fires up the engine with the hood up so that you can hear the louder turbo sound provided by the Ram-Air intake. Next up is the PedalMonster, which Ryan is very familiar with. “I’ve put them on every single build, and it’s about to go on this JL too.” His reaction to just those two Banks parts and what they did was rather enthusiastic. “I would have easily paired double-retail on both of these products the way that it woke this Jeep up!”

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