Standing Out For Charity

Danny Pettus built up his 2023 Chevy Duramax to be an attention-getter, but not for vanity’s sake. “The truck started out as an idea that I had years back,” the Alabama native explains. “I wanted something that looks like a fishing truck, acts like a fishing truck, but actually has a higher purpose. One of my son’s teammates got sick in the dugout, and we asked his mom what was going on. It was then that we found out that he was just finishing his leukemia treatments. I decided that the truck should be a mobile billboard to raise awareness for the Crim Compassion Foundation. This local charity helps the St. Jude Hospital affiliate here in Huntsville. The foundation assists families who have ill children stay afloat by paying their bills. The Crim Foundation helps those families.”

“When it came to building the truck, I wanted it to be made into a beast so that everybody wants to know about it. Banks, along with some other aftermarket partners, helped to make this dream a reality. It made sense that power should come from Banks, so we installed the 5″ Monster ExhaustRam-Air IntakeDerringer tunerPedalMonster, and iDash DataMonster mounted in a Stealth Pod. I go to fishing tournaments pulling my boat, and with the added power, it’s like there’s nothing behind me. The throttle response is incredible, and the Ram-Air Intake made a huge difference. The truck just seems burlier and so much more fun to drive.”

“The iDash has made a big difference in that I can now see the various temperatures and keep an eye on my DPF regens, which have actually gone down since I added the Banks parts. My mileage is up around 3 mpg, too! It’s amazing to see that much of a difference in my truck, and it just goes to show you that everything made the truck run more efficiently.”