Improving F-250 and Raptor Airflow

“I’m a huge Banks supporter,” explained former SoCal resident Jeff Murlock, “I was born and raised in California before moving to Missouri. Being in Southern California, I saw the Banks badges on diesels everywhere I went, so when it came time to add power to my own truck, the choice was clear. I looked up Banks to do research on what products were available, and I came across their YouTube videos. It’s a blast watching Gale teach and beating up the competition with facts.”

“I bought my first diesel in 2021, a 2019 F-250 Power Stroke, and since Banks was always kick’n ass with diesels, I invested in some parts. I installed a Derringer tuner, an iDash SuperGauge, the 5″ Monster Exhaust, and Ram-Air Intake. Power is immediate and always there. I loved what it did for the truck so much that I removed all the Power Stroke badges and just replaced them with the larger Banks emblems.”

“I recently sold the Power Stroke and replaced it with a 2nd gen Raptor. I’ve got another boy on the way, and the Raptor fits three car seats perfectly in the back. I used this as a selling point to my wife,” explains Jeff with a chuckle. “I just put a Ram-Air intake and a PedalMonster on it, and boy am I impressed! The interface app for the PedalMonster works really well. It’s super easy to use, has clear readings, and is straight to the point. Aside from the performance of the Ram-Air, it looks great under the hood, and the window is just the right size to see the filter’s condition without being obnoxious like other intakes. And when I can stay out of the throttle, which is really hard to do because the PedalMonster makes this truck so much fun, I’m seeing up to two miles per gallon better than before.”

“With the PedalMonster, the truck is so nimble and more exciting to drive. Staying out of the throttle is really hard. My little buddies, my boys, love to go in daddy’s ‘race truck.’ They love when I punch it, and they get pulled back in their car seats. But really, once behind the wheel, it’s two little kids in the backseat and one big one behind the wheel.”