Something Sinister This Way Comes

Posted by Gale Banks

Back in 2004 I wanted to get out of my ’91 Chevy, 502 SS pickup. I needed a large, rear drive car, with room for more than two people! Chevy didn’t have one anymore but Ford did, so I went to look at a Crown Victoria. A flaming Crown Victoria…Wow! Just saying that makes me feel older.

At the dealership I was treated to a test drive. Have you ever test drove a Crown Vic? It’s like driving your grandmother’s living room and it handles about as well. Depressed with the entire adventure, I spotted a black Mercury sitting in the back row. Now that’s different, flashed thru my cranium! So I asked, what’s the deal with the deal with…That?

I bought it for 26K, it seems nobody wanted it, so they gave me eight thousand off and I drove away in a Marauder. I soon learned that Bob Bondurant was using them as instructor cars at his driving school. Then it hit me…talk about a sleeper! I’m going full murdered out road racer, in a big assed Ford Panther platform!

Then the boys at Eaton gave me a TVS supercharger kit! Add to that a liquid coupled Intercooler, relocate the detonation sensor, and overlay the whole thing with my Straight-Shot water/meth system and presto, a blown, water/meth injected Cobra R in a totally murdered out road race Marauder.

Aluminum A-arms, coil overs, QA1’s adjustable both ways, watts link, 20’s and fat Falken Azenis FK453 rubber all around, completes the package. After a little Dyno work on my rolls, ‘Boston Blackie’ now embarrasses the hell out of BMW’s and other assorted German iron…You should see the look on their girlfriends faces! I just love it!

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