So did they win? When we last left our heroes…

It’s been a while (again), but here’s my latest entry. I’ve got about four more in the can, only it’s just that they’re only half done each. Since the last time I wrote I’ve been pulled over, went to visit a guy we’re selling engines to, went on vacation, went to Indy for the big race, and met with GM a few times. Although those “adventures” are something to write about… I bet you’re wondering how we did with the truck this weekend?

We didn’t go, and it’s something I’m pretty sore about. The problem was our dead rear end (jokes run wildly through my head). I’d love to have been able to show you photos of the blown up parts in the first place, but some overzealous folks here ruined the crime scene before we could snap a few. Understandably, they were trying to get the destroyed part to its maker in an accelerated time frame to speed up the repair process. It just didn’t turn out the way we’d planned. It’s not like we weren’t ready on our side, I mean the truck was right here turnkey in all its mechanical glory… but the rear end came in just too late!

Everything Banks, Bosch, GM, and Honeywell were in full working and waiting for orders from the last race, but the folks that made the quick-change rear end were late to the party. It’s kind like depending on your best man to get you to your wedding on time because he’s your only ride to the church, but you keep calling him only to get his answering machine. As you look the minute’s tick away on the clock and think of your bride’s expression of anger (not to mention her father’s) your buddy calls you five minutes before you’re supposed to be there saying “Boy… do I have a hangover… and I’m… stuck in traffic”. What do you do? Sheepishly call everyone and postpone the nuptials for the next month, and hope that no one holds it against you because it wasn’t your fault.

Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

Anyways, we’re looking to go racing in July… so please don’t take the gifts back just yet.

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