RAM Tow Truck Gets Help from Banks

Casey LaDelle of Cascade Heavy Rescue installs and evaluates a Banks Ram-Air intake, iDash, and PedalMonster throttle sensitivity booster in his 2014 RAM 3500 6.7L tow truck.

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The Bend, Oregon-based tow truck operator rescues cars that the official Oregon Search & Rescue doesn’t have time for. Casey installs and evaluates the Banks equipment on his tuned RAM.

Spoiler alert: Casey removes his old Edge CTS monitor and replaces it with an iDash DataMonster. He did not like the Edge monitor’s size because it took up too much of his windshield, and was slow.

RAM Tow Truck gets some help from iDash.

He replaced it with an iDash in a pillar mount that allowed him to retain his grab handle. The iDash is an impressive window into his engine without blocking his actual window. The installation was easy and looks like a factory finish.

The throttle response on this truck is a night and day difference.

Casey LaDelle

The installation of the Ram-Air intake took one-and-a-half hours, and that included setting up his camera. When he takes the RAM tow truck for a test drive and he is pleasantly surprised by the difference all the Banks parts made. Casey isn’t the only RAM owner getting an upgrade from Banks.