Erik Reider | Speed School Podcast Ep 7

In the new podcast episode, Gale is joined by grandson Erik Reider, Banks’ Special Projects Lead. Erik and Gale explain how measuring CFM on an industry-standard airflow bench can be misleading. Measuring mass air flow is what the engine really cares about. The engine needs to know the mass of the air, not just its volume.

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00:00 Intro
00:57 Why we supercharged a Duramax
02:00 CFM is a volumetric flow rate
03:00 Why CFM doesn’t provide enough data
05:00 What is air density
10:40 Measuring Mass Air Flow
13:00 Adapting flow bench to measure MAF
21:00 MAF sensors
24:00 Devices that increase air density
26:00 Importance of air pressure
29:35 Flow bench does not measure flow
32:18 Smokey Yunick’s crazy contraption
39:00 Monster-Ram MAF tests explained
42:00 Why innovation has ceased
49:00 Gale answers questions

“We’re not talking CFM to the public anymore,” says Gale. “We’ve used CFM because it’s a convenient comparison. But our literature and website will all go to mass flow. If you want to compare your products to ours, you’ll have to use mass flow. That’s what the engine cares about. Or, we’ll just compare your stuff for you.”

Erik Reider explains transfer function, hot wire MAF sensors, and a lot more.

Gale also explains why innovation in the speed equipment industry is being stifled by investment bankers.