Power and Safety for 2014 RAM 6.7L

“I finally tackled the project yesterday,” explains Michael Schermerhorn. “Looking at the Monster-Ram box was driving me crazy! Printing out the installation guide made all the difference for me. The guide was fully colored and the steps were highlighted. The explanation was excellent. I had about 8 hours into the job. My son backed me up halfway through and the youthful body helped. I wouldn’t say that it was an easy project, but neither of us are mechanics and I’m pretty old-school slow. I’m sure someone with real mechanical talent would make easy work out of the upgrade.”

The product design and engineering is nice. I consider all the parts to be high quality. I purchased the red version and it looks badass! And, I’m happy to ditch that grid heater which has wounded quite a few Cummins engines.” 

“I took the truck (2014 Ram 3500 Megacab Dually with 70k miles) out for my first drive and I was worried at first,” recalls Michael. “I went about 10-15 minutes and didn’t notice much. I stopped for a few minutes to make sure everything was good under the hood. All I can figure is that the computer needed a little time to catch up because after that the truck came to life! The throttle response and power increase was immediately noticeable. What amazes me the most is the throttle response. There is no lag or hesitation. It’s just a solid power band. The acceleration is immediate and steady. My intentions next, are to install a Banks Ram Air System and then a Banks Intercooler Upgrade. Well done, Banks.”